Accounting services

There are multiple benefits of outsourced accounting services – wide range experience of financial professionals, timely met dead-lines, no stress about leavers, onboarding of newcomers and sick leaves.
  • Registration of primary accounting documents (bank statements, invoices and other)

  • Accounting of accounts payables and receivables

  • Accounting of fixed assets

  • Payroll accounting

  • Tax calculation

  • Preparation of tax returns

  • Full financial compliance and collaborations with Tax Authorities (VMI, Sodra, iSAF)

  • Compliance with other institutions (Bank of Lithuania, Statistics, others)

  • Preparation of financial statements

Project based consulting services

Financial management solutions

Successful financial management starts with an optimal finance department structure and responsibilities, clear principles and rules, efficient processes, and creativity.

Accounting and tax consulting

Successful accounting and tax consultation starts from deep understanding situation for which solution is needed.

Long term cooperation

Outsourced CFO

Outsourced CFO is your business partner providing financial expertise, finance control and strategic business support on an on-demand basis.